Top 5 Entrance Scholarships at Memorial University in Canada

Entrance scholarships at Memorial university for qualifying Canadian students enrolled in Newfoundland and Labrador high schools, students graduating from Canadian high schools outside Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canadian citizens graduating from High Schools outside Canada.

Are you interested in participating in the memorial university of Newfoundland scholarships for international students in the 2022/2023 academic session? Then get set to unveil all the related details information about Memorial University scholarship for International undergraduate students in this article.

Annually, Memorial University, located in Canada offers various forms of scholarship and grant opportunities to international undergraduate students.

The Memorial University scholarship is estimated to a value is maintained to target qualified candidates beyond their first year of enrolment to their final year.

Eligibility for Entrance Scholarships at Memorial University

• The scholarships are available for International undergraduate students with excellent academic achievement

• Candidates must maintain the required scholarship standing for undergraduate which is 75% average

• Candidates must not fail any of the programs in the scholarship award year.

• Depending on the candidate’s performance, he/she may be qualified for other scholarship-related awards within the faculty or school.

How to Apply for the Memorial University

The application to the memorial university of Newfoundland entrance scholarships and grants awards for eligible international students works automatically when candidates apply to Memorial University.

However, candidates must satisfy and meet the eligibility requirements before being considered for the scholarship awards.

Below here are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the memorial university of Newfoundland entrance scholarships

• Interested candidates must obtain an admission acknowledgment later

• Candidates must apply to Memorial University in respect of the scholarship

• After the submission, the candidate will automatically be considered for the scholarship award if he/she meets the required eligibility conditions

• There is no additional application is necessary.

• Successful candidates will be reached through the issuance of acceptance by Memorial University.

Top 5 Memorial University of Newfoundland International Scholarships

University of Newfoundland International Entrance Scholarships

The University of Newfoundland International entrance scholarship is among the many scholarship awards granted to students by memorial institutions.

The scholarship offer is valued at $4,400 and is only available to candidates from St. John’s and Grenfell campuses. It’s for only international undergraduate students who have a passion for studying in Canada.


• Candidates must pay a full foreign undergraduate fee

• Candidates have to enroll for at least 9 credit hours in each of two semesters in their first academic year at Memorial University of Newfoundland

• Candidates must have less than 31 credit hours of transfer credits and meet up the scholarship award standing

IUGS Entrance Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Another entrance scholarship by memorial University is the International undergraduate student tuition fees (IUGS).

The IUGS scholarship scheme, just like the Newfoundland scholarship is also taking place on the St. John’s campus; however, the scholarship is valued at either $12,000 or $6,000 and is not renewable.


• Candidate should be able to pay the full international undergraduate fees and meet scholarship award standing

• Candidate will not be allowed to hold this scholarship with any other another International entrance scholarship.

• The scholarship is given based on recommendation either by the Registrar, representative, and or the Director of Internationalization Office

Janet Murphy Goodridge Legacy Award

The Janet Murphy Goodridge Legacy scholarship award is available for graduate students who want to pursue degree programs in the field of maternal and infant health.

The scholarship is intended for those who want to continue the Janet Murphy Goodridge Legacy in ensuring that mother and baby are properly taken care of during their infancy and breastfeeding period

This is to ensure Ms. Murphy-Goodridge’s vision of the World Health Organization’s Baby-Friendly Initiative to equip women with the right child support for infant feeding decisions is sustainable

The scholarship is awarded annually to one eligible graduate student after he/she has completed research on maternal or infant health at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The scholarship is estimated to the amounting to $1,108 for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

Eligibility Criteria:

• Candidates must complete a research study for maternal or infant health

• Special attention will be given to research studies on breastfeeding

• Interested students will have to submit a cover letter

• Candidates must submit a one-page statement regarding their research

• Candidates must submit curriculum vitae

• Candidates must present correspondence letters from two university professors

• Candidates must have a current copy of their transcripts through email.

The Peter Mackey Memorial Graduate Scholarship

The Peter Mackey Memorial Graduate Scholarship is designed to assist graduate students with disabilities who have performed excellently in their academic year

This Scholarship is provided by the Memorial University of Newfoundland through the provision of financial support in form of a tuition fee waiver amounting to $1,083.

This is done by selecting one eligible candidate in each academic year.


• Candidates must submit a letter from the Glenn Roy Blundon Center for Students with disabilities confirming the student’s eligibility for the scholarship.

• Applicant must present a curriculum vitae

• Candidates must submit a copy of transcript records

• Applicant must submit two correspondence letters from university professors

• Students will present a one-two page summary of the search.

Other Entrance Scholarships at Memorial University are:

  • Fortis Inc. – H. Stanley
  • Marshall Scholarship
  • Killam American Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Don and Mona Dooley (OLOF) Thailand Scholarship
  • Shona Perry-Maidment Entrance Award

The Memorial University of Newfoundland has a lot of scholarship opportunities for international and national graduate and undergraduate students. All you have to do is to carefully find and select the right scholarship suitable for your kind of programs

You can click on searchable awards & scholarship database searchable awards & scholarship databases to know more. And when you need more Canadian undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, more is here for you.

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