Rutherford scholarship in Alberta 2022/2023. Apply Now

If are you interested in pursuing your education in Canada via scholarship, then get ready as the University of Alberta is currently accepting Rutherford Scholarship applications from qualified undergraduate students.

The Alexander Rutherford scholarship is partnering with the University of Alberta to provide partially funded scholarships for any students with possession of Alberta resident status.

About The Rutherford scholarship in Alberta

The Rutherford scholarship in Alberta is part of Alberta’s government scholarships and awards program. It’s provided to encourage and reward the excellence of Albertans in post-secondary study to achieve their maximum educational programs.

The Rutherford scholarship was named to honor a great educationist, Alexander Rutherford, who had the supremacy of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. Alexander Rutherford was well known for his unrelenting support for the public education system, paying much attention to the University of Alberta and his active involvement in community affairs.

The vision of the Alexander Rutherford scholarship in Alberta remains the same over the years. Focuses on recognizing and rewarding excellent academic achievement of senior high school students and encouraging them to pursue post-secondary studies in their choice of degree in their program.

Rutherford scholarship in Alberta 2022/2023. Apply Now

The annual scholarship program, being on a full-time and part-time basis is estimated to be worth up to $2,500 throughout the program duration.

Application Deadline for Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

The official application opening date for the Rutherford scholarship has not been finalized. This is due to variation in the total number of applicants anticipate for the opening of the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.

In essence, the application processes usually start between (February – July) of every year. All you have to do is apply online when your official high school marks are available and when you are enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies.


• You must have your official high school transcript marks

• You must enroll in full-time post-secondary studies.

• You must be a Canadian Citizen

• As an international, you must have a Permanent Resident of Canada

• You must be an Alberta resident

• You must possess a minimum combined average based on five designated courses in at least one grade.

• Have completed high school on or after September 30, 1980.

• Be enrolled in a full course load in a designated post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at least one semester in length.

How to Apply for the Rutherford scholarship in Alberta

You will automatically be awarded the Alexander Rutherford scholarship upon successful selection

Below are the Step-by-step application instructions for Rutherford Scholarship in Alberta

• The applicant must log in to the website and create personal account details and also have a verified MyAlberta Digital ID.

• This will enable you to get access to Alberta Student Aid system for instructions.

• In filling out the application forms, you have to make access to either Parent or Guardian to the Application & Information

• After you have successfully created and have an account with the Alberta Students Aid system, you will log in and select the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship in the Apply section.

For more information on the type of scholarship, you can visit:

• Rutherford Scholars Award

• Dr. Ernest and Minnie Mehl Scholarship

• Mildred Rowe Weston Memorial Scholarships

Required Information for the Rutherford Scholarship Application:

For you to complete the Rutherford scholarship form, the following information is required:

• You will have to present your Social Insurance Number (SIN) before your application is reviewed

If you want to know more on Government of Canada information on applying for a SIN, visit:
Social Insurance Number – Apply

• You will have to present your Alberta Student Number (ASN)
For more information on ASN, you can check on Request/Lookup ASN

• You will have to present a Post-secondary school of your choice you intend to attend

• You will choose the start date and

• Present the High School you attended

The Alexander Rutherford scholarship has consistently remained the best, reliable, and easy-to-access scholarship program for eligible students

It’s on this note, that we boldly stated that the information presented is factual and capable of producing the required results if apply as stated in this article. For more scholarships in Canada, hunt more scholarships here both for international and native Canadians.

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