University of Saskatchewan International Scholarships 2022. Apply Now

Are you a student searching for an international scholarship in Canada, the opportunity you can’t do without has come in the University of Saskatchewan International Scholarships?

Every year, the University of Saskatchewan offers fully-funded scholarships and degree programs to eligible candidates from all parts of the world.

The scholarships are for Undergraduate, Bachelor, Certificate, Graduate (Master, Specialized Graduate Diploma), Graduate: Doctorate, Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Certificate Programs.

The Saskatchewan International scholarships are the biggest intake currently in Canada which every determined student would like to apply.

For more information concerning the Saskatchewan International scholarship and how to apply, read through the entire article.

Brief History of University of Saskatchewan

On March 19th 1907, the University of Saskatchewan was founded after the Church of England created Emmanuel College, located in price Albert in 1879.

The essential purpose of creating the Emmanuel College was to educate the people on theology, classics and Indigenous languages.

In 1883, what started as a College has turned to be known as the University of Saskatchewan

Since then, the University of Saskatchewan has become a Canadian Leading University and accommodation for over 3,000 international students from 130 countries around the world.

Currently, the school ranks number 301- 400 in the world and 13–18 in Canada.

Reasons You Must Choose Canada for International Studies

• Canada is a home for unexplainable luxurious study

• Canada accommodates 80% of foreign students each year

• Canada has countless opportunities for international students.

• A candidate will be automatically considered for the Scholarship after application

• You can Study in a Canadian school Without IELTS.

Brief Description Of Saskatchewan International Scholarships

• Level of Degree Program: Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Doctorate, Postdoctoral, Certificate Programs
• University: University of Saskatoon
• Country: Canada
• Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
• Undergraduate: Four Years
• Master: 2 Years
• Doctoral: 3 Years

Benefits Of Saskatchewan International Students Scholarships

At the University of Saskatchewan, you will have the following advantages

• You will be given warmth and open arms welcome
• You will be privileged to learn along with the brightest minds in the world
• The quality of life and education in the school ranks highest in the world
• You will be set on an already established path for a fulfilling future
• You will have an affordable cost of living and study
• You will be given first-class experiences that you will never get in the world.

Fields of Studies Available at University of Saskatchewan

Below are the available programs of study offered by the University of Saskatchewan for any level of studies for international students.

• Language and Communications

• Environmental and Earth Sciences

• Agriculture, Plants, and Animals

• Health

• Society and Law

• Business and Economics

• Life Sciences and Chemistry

• History, Culture, and Arts

• Math, Engineering, Technology, and Physics

• Indigenous Programs

• Teaching

• Math, Engineering, Technology, and Physics

Degree Programs offered by the University of Saskatchewan

The following degree programs are offered by the University of Saskatchewan for its international Undergraduate Degree Programs and Graduate Degree Programs scholarship

University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarships

As soon as you consider applying for the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship, you will automatically have a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship admission

Additionally, you will have the highest-valued, renewable entrance scholarships that are awarded based on academics, leadership, and contributions to the school and community life.

The Best and Brightest Scholarships have the following benefits:
• George and Marsha Ivany President’s First & Best Scholarships: Value: $40,000 ($10,000/year over four years)

• Chancellors’ Scholarships: Value: $30,000 ($7,500/year over four years)

• U of S Entrance Scholarships: Value: $24,000 ($6,000/year over four years)

• Edwards Undergraduate Scholarships: Value: $24,000 ($6,000/year over four years)

• College of Agriculture and Bioresources Renewable Entrance Scholarships: Value: $12,000 ($3,000/year over four years)

You can Visit Here for more details information about the undergraduate scholarship of the University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarships

For those intending to embark on the Graduate degree program at the University of Saskatchewan, varieties of funding options are available.

University Dean’s scholarship: Master’s: $18,000 for up to two years. Doctoral: $22,000 for up to three years.
You can find more about Graduate Scholarships (Visit Here)

Eligibility for University of Saskatchewan International Scholarship

Below are the stages of eligibility requirements, a candidate must satisfy for international students scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan
• For those applying for Bachelor’s Degree programs, you must be a graduate of high school, outside of Canadian territories

• For going into master’s programs, it is a must to have a four-year undergraduate degree, from a reputable and recognized university

• Those Under PhD degree program in., a Master’s degree certificate from a recognized university pertaining to the field of study.

• If you are interested in Postgraduate Diploma, you must have a four-year undergraduate degree from a well-recognized university.

How to Apply for University of Saskatchewan International Scholarships

• Interested candidates must apply online through the University website

• After the application you have to search and find a Program

• You will then check for the requirements for the admission

• Then, you can now apply.

For more information and how to apply, kindly Visit Here

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