Top 14 Best Canadian Government Scholarships

The Canadian Government scholarships are available to fund both national and international students to study or research in Canada in their respective fields of programs only on the ground of eligibility and qualifications.

This scholarship or fellowship program by the Canadian government comes in varieties, depending on the field of your program to make choice.

Top Canadian Government Scholarships You can Apply

Aside from University-based scholarships, Merit-based, these Canadian government scholarship tends to be the most effective and reliable in terms of accessibility and funding.

It is on this note that we unveil all the top Canadian government scholarships to assist in education and research purposes.

The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP)

The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program was designed and funded by the Canadian government to sharpen the skills of students through the award of financial aid programs.

The objective of this program is to train and improve the quality of skills of the candidates in their respective fields of interest.

The Canadian Francophone scholarship program selects its preferred candidates through a quota system from each recipient country.

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Study in Canada Scholarships Program

NOTE: Only Canadian institutions can submit applications on behalf of candidates. They may choose to set their internal deadline to receive supporting documents.

The Study in Canada Scholarships program is fashioned to assist students from the developing countries of the world to benefit from the rich Canadian education policies.

The purpose of the scholarships is to enhance opportunities for Canadian institutions so that international students from eligible countries and regions can participate in the short-term exchanges for study and research.

Qualified candidates from the program will have the opportunity of earning diversified international linkages and knowledge to promote their academics and research in their communities.

This new knowledge found via the program will enable beneficial to diversify and enrich Canada’s education programs with various partners, strengthen bilateral ties, and complement the Government of Canada’s broader international engagement.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is one of the many scholarship programs provided by the Canadian government to every eligible national and international student for their postdoctoral programs.

Banting fellowships give funds to qualified doctoral students that are interested in Health research, Natural sciences engineering, Social sciences, and humanities

The program aims to equip and prepare fresh minds who will positively contribute to the country’s economic, social, and research-based growth in the world

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship is valued at CAD 70,000 for 2 years.

• Candidates must be Canadian citizens

• Candidates must have Permanent residents of Canada

• Foreign citizens

Mitacs Elevate

The Mitacs Elevate scholarship is aimed at providing a foundation for Ph.D. students who wants to build a career through a research management training program.

The fellowship program is annually for up to two years and it’s valued at $55,000. Do more research about this scholarship on their main website

Research Associate Program

The Research Associate scholarship Program is all about providing opportunities for young scientists and engineers to work in a highly challenging research environment.

The program is structured to start during the early stages of their career just to prepare them enough for the anticipated future work challenge

The basic criteria for the selection of Applicants for the program will be a demonstration of the ability to perform original, high-quality research.


• Candidate must have a Ph.D. in natural science or engineering

• Candidate must have a Master’s degree in an engineering field

• Candidate must demonstrate greater ability to perform original high-quality research.

• Must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Residents

• Associateships are open to nationals of all countries.

Trudeau Scholarships

The Trudeau Scholarship Program aims at Leadership Development at all levels to ensure that postgraduate candidates are properly equipped

The focus of this scholarship is to empower candidates with meaningful values in their institutions and communities.

This will enable them to have the key leadership skills and values necessary for proper service to the community and the world at large.

The Trudeau doctoral scholarship is valued at $60,000 per year for three years, covering tuition, living expenses, networking, travel allowance, and activities.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Graduate Scholarship is modeled to sharpen the minds of students who have leadership qualities and verify extraordinary educational achievements.

The achievements must be in the field of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health-related fields.

The Vanier Graduate Scholarship program is designed for doctoral students on the three criteria of academic excellence, research potential, and leadership qualities.

Vanier’s CGS program is funded by the Canadian Government through the agencies of the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the National Science, Engineering Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

This Vanier scholarship is valued at $50,000 per year and for the three years duration which is main to accommodate and support 166 scholars annually.

Eligibility Criteria of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

• The candidate must be a Canadian or foreign student studying in Canada.

• The candidate must be a full-time Canadian institution student seeking a Ph.D. program

• The applicant must be nominated by the Vainer CGS universities quota.
• The candidate must not receive any scholarship from the three Canadian agencies: CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC.

Visiting Fellowships in the Canadian Government Laboratories Program

The Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories (VF) Program is a scholarship funding scheme to support scientists and engineers with financial aid opportunities.

This opportunity will enable them to work with research groups and leaders in Canadian government laboratories and research institutions.

The financial Fellowships programs are just for one year term with the possibility of renewal for a second and third year, at the discretion of the government and candidates’ performances

The scholarship program is valued at $53,077 annually and is renewable for up to two years

Eligibilities for a Visiting Fellowship

• Candidates must have received a doctoral degree in the natural sciences or engineering from a recognized university within the past five years.

• Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

• Candidates who are not Canadians or permanent residents of Canada must satisfy Canadian immigration requirements

Organization of American States Academic Scholarships Programs

The Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program is designed to enable each member state to participate in member state educational programs.

The scholarships are available to students from other OAS member states for graduate study and research in Canada

This scholarship is funded and coordinated by a multilateral scholarship program on behalf of all participating OAS member states.

The vision of the award is to enable eligible students from an OAS member state to apply for scholarships to study in another OAS member state.

Interested candidates are to send their application directly to the National Liaison Agency (ONE) established in their country for the OAS program.

Canada-U.S. Fulbright Scholarship

The Canada-U.S. Fulbright scholarship program is designed for exceptional American scholars to lecture and/or conduct research in Canada.

The program which operates on the principle of reciprocal exchange is aimed to enable all the recipients experienced professionals in their fields.

The essential benefits of the Canada-U.S. Fulbright scholarship Program are to strengthen binational collaborative research and promote thoughtful topics

This will help broaden the trendy issues related to Canada, the United States, and the relationship between the two countries.

Below are the available awards in the Canada-U.S. Fulbright scholarship

Traditional (All Disciplines)Award: US$12,500 for one semester (4 months).

Postdoctoral Research Awards: Postdoctoral research awards to support new scholars

Distinguished Chairs Program: US$50,000 for one academic year (9 months).

Research Chairs Program: US$25,000 for one semester (4 months).

Fulbright-Carlos Rico Award for North American Studies: US$12,500 for one semester in Canada plus up to US$3,700 per month in Mexico

Specialists Program: Short-term collaboration on curriculum and faculty development.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative: US$40,000 for 18 months engaged in addressing public policy research questions relevant to Arctic nations’ shared challenges.

Fulbright Global Scholar Award: Allows U.S. academics and professionals to engage in multi-country, trans-regional projects.

Canada-ASEAN Scholarships

This Canadian government scholarship is only available for students, from member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The scholarship is to provide short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

On this note, only Canadian member institutions can submit applications on behalf of applicants.

This program was established on 6th August 2017, when the Government of Canada declared openly the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED).

The program was to create opportunities for students from ASEAN member states to perform short-term study and research in Canadian Universities in line with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The SEED scholarships are promoted by institutional collaborations, post-secondary institutions in Canada, and partner institutions in ASEAN countries.

Canada-CARICOM Program

The Canada-CARICOM Scholarship Program is designed to provide short-term exchange opportunities for professional development, graduate study, or research at Canadian post-secondary institutions.

The scholarship program is strictly for only founding member states and Only Canadian institutions can submit applications on behalf of candidates.

The Canada-CARICOM program was established in 2007 by the Government of Canada to promote institutional linkages and provide scholarship opportunities for students from CARICOM.

In the following year, the CARICOM program was broadened to enable professional development opportunities for faculty wishing to upgrade their knowledge and skills in Canada.

The CARICOM program is operating on two sub-scholarship programs: Canada-CARICOM Faculty Leadership Program

Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program

The Canada-China scholarship program( CCSEP) is offered by the two countries for the enhancement of Chinese scholars, and professionals’ knowledge and understanding of Canada.

The program was created in 1973, through the undertaking by then Chinese premier Zhou Enlai and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

The CCSEP tendency is on public policy analysis, public administration, business management, economics, finance, banking, environmental protection, law, education, public health policy, and management.

This Scholarship is for four to 12-month periods of research in Canada without any formal enrolment in a Canadian university.

The recipients are recognized as visiting students and successful candidates will travel to Canada before the end of February 2023 to begin their program.

Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program

The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarships are to enable students from post-secondary institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean to study at Canadian Universities.

The program is a short-term exchange opportunity for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

The vision of the scholarships is to champion Canada’s objectives for the Americas through their democratic and accountable governance, human rights, the environment, diversity, and the peoples

The (ELAP) Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program was established in 2009 when the Government of Canada made the announcement.

You have a good list of the best Canadian Government scholarships for both national and international students based on merit and academic performance in almost every aspect of education you found yourself. We highly recommended you dig more about any of the awards you want to go for, to get abreast with new developments [ if any], before applying.

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