Top 8 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees

Top 8 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees. Have you ever been discouraged from applying to Canadian Universities because of high charges on the application fee?

Most times, the amount charged as application fees is enough to start a business which is something most families can not afford for education

As the issue of application fees keeps soaring high, thus, the need for Universities with no application fee becomes necessary

In this article, we will review lists of universities in Canada you can attend without application fee requirements

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Reasons for Application Fees at Canadian University

No doubt, the concept of application fees being charged during admission processes is to ensure consistency and seriousness on the part of students.

Most students will keep on applying from one school to another if application fees were not needed

On the other hand, it has drastically reduced the chance of many international students applying for their choice University in Canada

To keep their hope, the need for a total list of Canadians Universities without application fees becomes a necessity.

Below are the lists of schools in Canada you can apply to without paying application fees

List of Canadian Universities Without Application Fees

Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Fairleigh Dickinson University $25 CAD
application fee payment is for candidates applying without online methods.
For candidates applying online, the application fee will be waived.

With no fee application payment, candidates can get admission into Fairleigh Dickinson University

Mount Allison University

At Mount Allison University, International undergraduate and graduate students interested in the school studying any course of their choice can apply without an application fee

However, the condition is this, candidates will make a registration deposit of CAD $100 after admission.

Additionally, the waiver will only be effective if the application is done online.

University of Alberta

One of the main reasons International Students will prefer Alberta University for their studies of any level is waived on the application fees by the school management

At the University of Alberta as an international student, you are expected to pay the sum of, CAD 100 graduate application fee on a regular occasion

However, special application waiver programs are currently going on for Candidates from least-developed nations.

With this program, students from these countries would proceed their admission without application fees

To achieve this, candidates will have to produce home citizenship information, mailing address, and home address

Royal Roads University

At Royal Roads University, no doubt, your chances of getting a considerable or no application fees charges before admission are high

International Students intending to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate programs will get application fees waived.

Redeemer University

Whether you are an International or national candidate interested in getting admission into Redeemer University without the usual CAD 40 application fee

The only guarantee to this special waiver is if only candidates apply before the official deadline.

University of Calgary

The negative effect of the U.S. travel ban on some developing countries is that bad to the extent of hindering students from studying outside their country

To soften this, the University of Calgary,
Canada gives application fees waiver to seven out of the affected countries.

This waiver will enable eligible undergraduate and graduate students to get admission to its school

Booth University College

Each University in Canada has its method of waiving and charging applications fee for students coming into its school

In the case of Booth University College
Students will have to pay a non-refundable fee of CAD 500 after they have been admitted to the school.

This condition of payment in the school is fair because candidates will be allowed to fill out the application form before the payment.

Quest University International

As long as candidates can meet up the official application deadline for Quest University International, the mandatory admission application fees will be waived.

This alone will enable candidates to get admission into the University without any charges related to application fees.


Education of any level comes with great cost especially studying in a country like Canada where priority on education takes center stage

Even with this cost associated with these schools in form of applications fee charges, there are still schools in Canada you can apply to without spending money on application fees


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