Top14 Best High School Scholarships in Canada

Majority of high school students across the world especially those from low-income families who may have wanted to further post-high school education are often present with the challenges of funding.

School funding is one of the biggest financial challenges facing most families in the world, especially from developing countries.

Top 14 Best Canadian Government Scholarships

Best High School Scholarships in Canada

The solution to school funding is scholarships and in this article, we have 14 best and most reliable Scholarships in Canada High School for every eligible Student

Bert Presets Academic Scholarships 2022-2023

The Bert Presets Academic Scholarships is a partially funded scholarship for high school students to study any course program of their choice.

The scholarship program is open to all eligible students from all part of the world who wants to make Canada their destination for study.

The Premier’s Citizenship Award

Annually, the government of Alberta offers 1 scholarship award to the student that enrolled in each high school in Alberta, Canada.

These scholarship awards are based on the recommendation from a nominee who displays outstanding characteristics in citizenship, leadership, and community service.

This Premier’s Citizenship high school scholarship Award is 1 out of 3 Alberta students who have made a positive contribution to their communities through public service and volunteering.

The deadline for the Premiers Citizenship award for high schools is on June 1st; so a candidate must submit nominations in June of every year

• candidate must be nominated for the awards

• candidates must have indicated leadership and citizenship through public service and voluntary services.

• candidate must have made a positive impact in the school/community

• candidate must be a Canadian Citizen, a Permanent Resident, or Protected Person (visa students are not eligible)

• candidate must be an Alberta resident.

Alberta Centennial Award

The Alberta Centennial scholarship is for high school students who have contributed positively to the growth of their communities.

The scholarship recognized exceptional citizenship/social responsibility, leadership, and community service displayed by individual students.

The Alberta Centennial scholarship is a yearly program in which 25 eligible young Albertans will receive $2,005 for the scholarship


• The students must be Alberta high school students

• The students must be the holder of the Premier’s Citizenship Award

• Students must enroll full-time in a post-secondary program for the fall or winter term.

Social Media Ambassador Scholarship

Social Media Ambassador Scholarships are one of Abbey Road’s most popular high school scholarship awards.

The scholarship vision is to promote and make studying abroad and cross-cultural learning possible among students by providing financial aid for their studies.

By this, it means students get to share their stories by asking them to share their summer experiences with their peers by posting them on their social media sites

At the end of the day, outstanding students will be profiled and their work will be displayed on the Abbey Road website which will subsequently be selected for the award.

• You must be in the right high school age of 14-18

• You must be a student from any of the countries: United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, UK, and European countries

• You must have a high academic and extracurricular performance

• Your overall G.P.A must be competitive and good.

Adult High School Equivalency Scholarship

The Adult High School Equivalency Scholarship is for every eligible student that has made high academic achievement in the attainment of high school

The Adult equivalency $500 scholarship award is mainly to enable high school students to continue their education at the post-secondary level.

This scholarship is for the 2022-2023 school year and is strictly for students that have Canadian citizens, Permanent residents, or Protected Person

The eligibility requirements are the candidate’s must

• Be an Alberta resident

• have been out of high school for a minimum of three (3) years before starting a high school equivalency program

• Enrolled for full-time in a post-secondary institution in Alberta or elsewhere,

• have completed a high school equivalency program after September 1, 1992.

Chris Meyer Memorial French Scholarship

The Chris Meyer Memorial French Scholarship is provided by the Abbey Road foundation to eligible high school students annually in its summer programs.

The eligibility of this scholarship is that a candidate must be a high school student aged 14-18 with a demonstration of high academic and extracurricular performance in their preferred field of study.

Also, a candidate must be good in overall G.P.A, with strong grades in the subject of interest related to the scholarship program, and have active participation in extracurricular and after-school cultural/leadership activities.

The Abbey Road scholarship is organized to promote study across the various multi-cultural heritage presented in the school by sharing students’ summer experiences with their peers.


• You must be in the right high school age of 14-18

• You must be a student from any of the countries: United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, UK, and European countries

• You must have a high academic and extracurricular performance

• Your overall G.P.A must be competitive and good.

Green Ticket Scholarships

Green Ticket Scholarships is another Abbey Road scholarship program for high school students in Canada

The program is organized for students at age 14-18 with a commitment to the environment and community extra-curricular activities.

The Green Ticket Community Service Scholarship is built to award students who have shown a great deal in the protection of their environment and their local communities.

The Abbey Road provides one full and one partial Green Ticket Scholarship equal to one full and one partial round-trip airfare to any Abbey Road summer program destination.

The Green Ticket Community Service Scholarship is for students who are majoring in environmental courses like Global warming, bio-diversity, ecosystem preservation, toxic waste reduction, deforestation, energy conservation, and recycling.

It also goes into other areas like Agriculture, farming and food, Preservation of endangered species, Community gardens, underprivileged youth education, and after-school programs


• Must be a high school student aged 14-18

• Must be a student from the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, UK, or other Central European countries

• Must demonstrate high academic and extracurricular performance

Lives to Change Scholarship

The lives to change scholarship in Canada is designed to award high school students the opportunity to study abroad.

The scholarship is for young
Canadian students to partake in a study
abroad program without any
participation fees.

The successful students will have the opportunity to make choices to study in different local culture
and language of their host family, school, and friends.

Eligibility, you must:

• Be aged 15 and 18 on or before the day of

• Be a Canadian citizen or have a permanent resident of Canada

• Be healthy

• Be a full-time student with good results

National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NLSI-Y)

The National Security language initiative for Youth is a scholarship program that is initiated by U.S. departments of State to fund high school education

The program is mainly to enable American high school students to have deep linguistic skills and cultural knowledge based on information for effective communications

The NSLIY achieves this by providing opportunities for language learning to American youth through the award of merits-Based scholarships.


• Candidates must be willing to learn intercultural knowledge through learning one of the 8 critical NLSI-Y languages.

• Candidates must be a U.S citizen or permanent resident

• Candidate must be a high school student.

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad Program

If you have a passion for learning about other cultures, and people after your high school graduation, then the Kennedy -Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad Program may be yours

The YES Abroad program is designed to provide merit-based scholarships for every eligible high school student to have a deeper understanding of Muslim culture.

The interested applicant is to spend an academic year attending a high school in a densely Muslim populated area

The benefits of the Yes program are to promote mutual understanding by forming lasting relationships with their host families and communities.


• The candidate must be a U.S. citizen

• Must be 15-18.5 years of age at the start of the program

• The candidate must be a high school student at the time of application.

Key Club/Key Leader Scholarship

The Key Club/Key Leader Scholarship Program is an annually full and partial merit-based and a need-based scholarship to high school students

The key club scholarship awards are for students who meet the eligibility requirements and show strong characteristics like flexibility, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

This scholarship requires students to submit essay responses, a host family introduction letter, and teacher recommendations by the scholarship deadline.


• The Scholarship is strictly for Key Club members and Key Leaders.

• Students must be official members of the Key Club.

• Students must hold a 2.0 for summer programs and a 3.0 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale for year and semester programs.

• Students must be US citizens

• Previous recipients of a YFU scholarship are not eligible

Halsey Fund Scholarship

The Halsey Fund scholarship program is designed to provide financial aid to every eligible high school students

The Halsey Fund scholarship covers students’ tuition fees and stipends to cover the cost of round-trip airfare.


• The scholarship is for high school student

• Students must show exceptional academic proficiency

• Students must be committed to their community school

• Students must be able to learn and explore other cultures.

• Students must show the need for financial aid

• Applicant must be from any nationality.

CIEE Program Scholarships

The CIEE Program Scholarships is established in Canada to enable every eligible high school student from across the globe to study abroad

The CIEE scholarships and grants program is valued at $13million, annually, to support high school students globally and make their dreams of studying their choice, of course, a reality.

This program aims is to achieve the advancement of intercultural engagement among individual students to create a more friendly and global community.

This is possible by providing financial aid support to every eligible young student from Canada, the United States, and around the world to study abroad.


• Interested applicants must be from a world recognizable nationality

• Applicant must have an interest in learning about the cultures and peoples

• candidates must first apply to institutions abroad.

Need-Based Summer Abroad Scholarship

The Need-Based Summer Abroad Scholarships is organized by the Experiment to ensure high school students from across the globe get financial aid to study the course of their dreams

This scholarship program aims to create a balance in a multiplicity of socioeconomic experiences among individual students to produce potential future leaders

The need-based summer abroad scholarship amount ranges from $250 to $2,000.

How to Apply for a Need-Based Summer Abroad Scholarship

The application to the need-based Summer Abroad scholarship is through online admission.

When filling out the online application form, make sure to indicate your interest in receiving a need-base


• Candidates must be a high school student

• Candidates must develop leadership skills through practice

• Candidates must have been involved in civic engagements and volunteering community services

High school scholarships in Canada can be your solution to your higher education if you know how to go with and around the application, therefor we edge you to do the necessary researchers about any scholarship you found appropriate for yourself here.

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